KRAAK & SMAAK DJ MIX APRIL 2009 One take! Vinyl only!

Dennis Bouman 15

1 intro
2 jay mitchel- shoes “ready to ride” mix (numero label)
3 kaoru inoue- the secret field (todd terje remix)
4 franz ferdinand- ulysses (beyond the wizard’s sleeve re-animation mix)(domino)
5 natural self- in the morning (version) (thru thoughts rec)
6 ron carrol- walking down the street (bart B More remix) (sneakerz rec)
7 discodeine- joystick (tomboy mix) (dirty rec)
8 smoove + turrel – you don’t know (kraak & smaak remix) (jalapeno rec)
9 buscemi- seaside (downsall plastics rec)
10 dirty harry- hectic funk (boombastic rec)
11 john acquaviva and mado- bling (madox funk steady dub) (mantra vibes rec)
12 mr strom- right on (east rec)
13 featurecast- stomp (bombstrikes)
14 rod lee- who sent chew nigga (dress too sweat)
15 dj asparagus- unwind yo’self (gamm rec)
16 tal m klein- party block rocker (manmade rec)
17 jon ohms – breathe (good groove rec)
18 T.o.k. meet the fatback band- fat peng (bangers r mashed)
19 kokolo- soul power (lack of afro rmx)
20 mocambo- the next message (kenny dope mix)
21 taggy matcher – next episode ( stix rec)

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